On one hand, I really can’t believe Sophie Monk got papped coming out of the CVS.

Sophie Monk leaving a CVS store in West Hollywood, CA

[Photo: Splash News]

She’s seriously not famous here in the United States, like, at all — she could rob me at gunpoint and I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to ID her beyond, “she sort of looks like Charlize Theron.” The paparazzi must have been waiting for one of the other great drugstore-going starlets of our time, Britney or Lilo, and just grabbed her for the hell of it. That being said, I feel comfortable in opining that NO ONE — famous, infamous, or civilian — should wear those particular jeans ANYWHERE that doesn’t directly involve, say, moving heavy objects, ripping out carpet or painting the ceiling. And I don’t see any paint cans.

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