There are a number of people on Kat McPhee’s shitlist (I feel like that ought to be Kat McPhee’s ShitlistTM) after her launch of this Lipton Tea Something or Other:

And they are:

a) God, for making that weather happen and, therefore, creating all her hair problems.

b) Whoever decided she should wear stilettos on sand rather than wedges — surely only herself, as no stylish would fail to foresee problems like this:

c) also the stylist, though, because why else is she wearing Downton Abbey’s undergarments at an iced tea unveiling? Or, in fact, anywhere other than the set of Downton Abbey, where she’s been hired to play Cora’s dead-eyed but inexplicably successful American niece, whom Thomas eventually pushes down the well in a fit of pique?

[Photo: WENN]