Oh, Posh. You are an endless delight:

David and Victoria Beckham launch Beckham Signature fragrances

[Photos: Splash News]

Once again, Ms Beckham has managed to turn the laws of physics — as well as gravity, and probably the space-time continuum — upside down by wearing certifiably insane latex shoe/tights without crashing headlong into: Becks, a wall, the crush of photogs, or the ground. And, seriously, these are some crazy-ass shoes. Let’s go to the close-up, shall we?

IT HAS NO HEEL. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT? Well, listen, I think we all know, deep down in our souls (hee, I almost typed “our soles” — oh, cold-medicine-induced shoe punnery, I know thee well), that Posh is not wholly of this world. What better proof do you need than the fact that she’s upright in these, and actually kind of pulling them off?