I did not anticipate coming back from vacation to this:

Is it kinda wrong that I wish she’d have snipped off the bottom two-and-a-half feet of this dress? It makes her — Rihanna! — look moderately to mostly frumpy, and we’re talking about something that’s 1/3 sheer. And RIHANNA, whom I would have bet money couldn’t look frumpy if she were wearing a housedress and a shower cap over curlers. I feel like, listen, dollface: in fifty years, when you’re going to an Arbor Day party on the yacht of your ancient, crotchety Hamptons neighbor Cranky McOldster, THEN you can trot this number out. Until then, and especially for New Years, can I suggest sequined star pasties instead? (Not really.) (Maybe just a little bit.)

[Photo: WENN.com]