Sarah Jessica Parker seen walking to the set of Sex And The City 2 sporting curly hair

[Photo: Splash News]

Okay. I might be biased, but I really can’t deal with the fact that we have to live through ANOTHER Sex and the City movie when the last one was really essentially a bit irritating. I actually quite enjoyed the series itself, and I thought the series finale was really lovely and then we get to the movie and Mr. Big leaves Carrie at the ALTAR and then she ends up being OKAY WITH IT because that’s how he decided to handle not having a big wedding instead of TALKING TO HER ABOUT IT because that is SO IN CHARACTER for EITHER OF THEM, and I’m so sure your friends would all, “Oh, okay, that makes up for like a year of total ASSHATTERY ON BOTH YOUR PARTS,” like, I spent all six-hundred minutes of that movie wanting to crack people’s heads together, and then in the end Carrie had to get married in a “no-name” dress (that was actually like Dior or something of course) at the courthouse — like, Mr. Big gets exactly what he wants and she gets NONE of what SHE wants — and STEVE of all people is a cheater and SAMANTHA BREAKS UP WITH HOT HOT SMITH JERROD, therefore undoing all the emotional growth she went through in the last season of the show and ARGH I can’t even talk about it anymore. We talked about our issues with it when it first came out. I just caught the movie on HBO last week and steam came out of my ears all over again, so it’s fresh. I guess it just felt sad to me to take something that was so nicely and satisfactorily completed as a story and unravel it with no good reason. At least the outfits were good. But now, judging from this pic of SJP back in character as Carrie Bradshaw, WE DON’T EVEN GET THAT. From what I understand, this outfit MIGHT be from a flashback scene, but it’s like the most half-assed 80s flashback attempt ever, like I AM SO SURE this is the best Pat Field could do with the 80s. You have to be kidding me: half the stuff Carrie wore as a matter of modern course looked more wackily 80s than this, which makes me worry that this segment was somehow costumed with an eye toward, like, modern accessibility/trend-setting, all of which is just a roundabout way of saying, if we all end up looking like droopy Flashdance rejects next summer, Pat Field, I WILL CUT YOU.