I love Serena, as you all well know, and I’m so excited she’s back in competition. I don’t even care how she does; it’s just awesome knowing she’s out there. Harper’s was smart to time this cover to her anticipated return at the French Open, and I love anything that proclaims her Queen Serena, but: Why is she wearing a full-body sweater on a beach (leaving aside that she probably shot this when it was cold on said beach)? Why is she wearing a full-body sweater AT ALL? And am I still jet-lagged, or is this really airbrushed? I know that excessive airbrushing becomes a silly complaint about a magazine — the equivalent of being annoyed at the number of monologues in empty rooms on a soap opera — but the thing is, Serena Williams’s body is wonderful, and that is not Serena Williams’s body. Don’t mess with perfection, y’all, and don’t mess with what makes Serena powerful and perfect.

I love that she wore a freaking (and probably sweltering) catsuit in round one. I love that she’s using it to say, “Hell yeah, the road back is hard, but you’ll get there.” Overall, I love that Serena is always Serena, on her own terms, and that should be all the cover girl material you ever need.