We saw Anne Hathaway’s. We spied Priyanka Chopra’s.  (And Katie Holmes gave us a modified view.) Now, it’s Selena Gomez’s turn to flash us her armpits.

In fairness, I think she looks lovely on this cover, even if she does — as Lesliepedia pointed out on Twitter — look like she’s in the middle of running a deep conditioner through her hair. Her eyebrows are gorgeous, and her face looks lovely; that top is fab on her, and the overall retro-feel of this entire cover — up to and including the patio furniture — really works. I just don’t know why all the glossies currently feel like armpits are the feature that is gonna make us plonk down five bucks for their product. Having said that,  they are possibly the last body part Big Magazine hasn’t made us super-stress about about, though, so….let’s just consider this a warning. (Fun fact: It actually was a story about the pit that made me cancel my Vogue subscription many years ago. They ran — I kid you not — like 2500 words on how best to get rid of that little pooch of fat you may get around your armpit when you wear a sleeveless top and hold your arm to your side. Options included lipo, and freezing it off. And while I am not a person who thinks plastic surgery is evil, this just frosted me. My god. Now I’m supposed to worry about a quarter of a pound of fat on my armpit? NOT TODAY, ANNA WINTOUR. Not today.)

[Cover: Vogue]

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