This is Laura Brown’s first September cover for InStyle, and, honestly, I think it’s really good. It feels classic, in a way, but still fresh and appealing. Brown also did the interview herself, which you can read in its entirety here (and which is unusual for the EIC of a glossy, honestly).  It’s pretty entertaining –Hooters, the restaurant, is transformed into a verb in a way I appreciate — but Gomez is also fairly honest about her personal and emotional struggles in a way that seems like it might resonate with the younger women who are most likely to pick up a magazine she covers. There is a whole long section where she basically talks about dealing with insecurities, bad relationships, and what she’s doing in therapy that comes across as very… emotionally relaxed, in a good way. To wit:

LB: When you were doing press for the Netflix show you executive-produced, 13 Reasons Why, you said, “The older I get, the more insecure I get.” Tell me why.

SG: That’s what I work on in therapy the most. Because of social media, because of all the pressure that girls have, it’s so difficult. It’s good to be connected, to see things, and to get a sense of what your friends are up to. But it also allows people to think they need to look or be a certain way. I remember when I had my Disney show, I was just running around and not caring and making kids laugh. I was all over the place. And now it feels more zoomed-in—you have ugly people trying to get negative things from you, and the energy makes you feel bad about yourself. You can’t help it. It’s very hard to find out who you are during all that mess and pressure.

The subscribers cover is also good:


I feel like that could be an ad for astringent, and I mean that as a compliment.

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