Jessica is totally hooked on Claws. The finale is airing soon, so hopefully the whole thing will land on Netflix or Hulu soon if it isn’t already, because I am excited to see Niecy Nash go up against Hank from Breaking Bad. Also: It has Judy Reyes from Scrubs and Carrie Preston, aka our beloved Elspeth Tascioni. But I just keep forgetting until it’s too late at night to begin. Maybe I need to do what which my mother always abhorred, and write a note on my hand.

Moving on: Nash often plays larger-than-life or campy — my first experience with her was Reno 911; she was also recently in Scream Queens — and I wonder if that’s why Essence went with a very sedate cover scenario: to get down to her, well, essence. She looks gorgeous, and that yellow is perfection on her, but I do sort of wish they hadn’t chosen a picture that looks like someone just wheeled in a platter of tuna fish sandwiches and she’s trying to ignore the smell. However, I would rather read these stories than pretty much anything purportedly in Cosmopolitan this month — which has something like triple Essence’s circulation — so on that score alone this cover is a success.

[Photo: Essence]