Do we think Eva Longoria was casting wistful glances at January Jones when they were at the Golden Globes? Because this seems awfully of-a-theme:

This one seems, to  me, perhaps a bit more elegant and a bit less like she would like to serve you a roasted pig and a pina colada before draping a necklace of flowers around your neck. But they’re both basically sternum showcases — the question is, do you like either, both, or one more than the other? Did a Desperate Housewife outdo Mad Men’s desperate housewife, or does Betty Draper win the day even though she’s no longer warming her feet on Don’s searing-hot calves at night?

Who wins?

  • Eva! (26%, 3,115 Votes)
  • January! (23%, 2,714 Votes)
  • Neither, frankly. (47%, 5,652 Votes)
  • BOTH. I REFUSE TO CHOOSE. (4%, 460 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,942

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