Oh, Tina, you bombshell.

I thought I liked your Globes dress, but I like this way more. Red lace is so naughty for you. Jenna Maroney would burst into this shot, if she could, and sing “The Lady In Red” all up in your face. And then Tracy Morgan-Jordan (I write it that way because I can never remember which is what and they’re basically the same person anyway) would be like, “LL, I’m in trouble, I just accidentally adopted a stripper named Bea Arthur,” and hijinks would ensue.

Also, that’s not your actual thighs I’m seeing under there, right? It’s just… a satiny slip underneath an overlay, right? So I can see the contours of your legs, but it’s not, like, actually translucent or anything, right? Let’s say I’m right. Please. As Kenneth would say, “Miss Lemon, you look better than our town’s prettiest pig waxer.” And he’d be right too.