This seems like a deeply uncool thing to admit, but I can’t help it: I kind of love Hilary Swank. Anyone who went from The Karate Kid IV or whatever to being Steve Sanders’ love interest in 90210 to winning not one but TWO Oscars is okay in my book. Not least because she probably doesn’t get enough credit for the fact that acting like you are in love with a 40-year old man playing a 23-year old is not that easy.

And now here she is, and I just think this looked really pretty on her. Often she either goes too bombshell or crazy-severe, and this is a great compromise. My one beef is that it maybe feels like a style Marchesa already did like three years ago, but that’s Donatella Versace’s problem, not Hilary’s. She’s just concerned with looking radiant in it, and I say, mission accomplished.