I love this. It makes me sad that Annette Bening didn’t beat Natalie Portman — and thus that she probably won’t on Oscar night — because I think the vagaries of her role in The Kids Are All Right seem like they actually demand more of a finely honed instrument than a showier Am I Going INSAAAANE role does. But what do I know? My piano is two years out of tune, meaning the last finely honed instrument I played was the recorder from my elementary school days that the twins just found hidden in the piano bench. That thing never goes out of tune. Nor style. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard R.Kelly’s “In The Kitchen (Remix)” on a recorder. I was like a sex minstrel.

None of which has anything to do with Annette, or her Who Gets The Foreground battles with hubby Warren Beatty, except that if he’d had a recorder with him he would’ve won automatically.