Oh, man. This is bad.

Jenna’s lovely, but this dress is just so matronly. It’s just… there’s NOTHING here that works for me. The color isn’t doing anything for her; her makeup looks nearly nonexistent; the hair looks too casual (it would have worked, I think, if she’d had more ACTION around her face, like earrings or lipstick?); and the cut of the dress is just… I mean….it’s….she looks….well. A little bit Ancient McYawny, you know? (Not to be confused with The Ancient Yanni.) And surely, she is neither. I suspect the actual fabric of this dress is lovely in person and it might have worked better short — as a day dress, though, and not for this occasion. Or perhaps it just needs to be packed up and brought back out when her child gets married, because this thing is, as someone might say on RuPaul’s Drag Race, bringing Mother-of-the-Bride realness.

What do you think? Can this be saved? And how?