Wino has been swaddled in black as of late — you know, in case you missed that she’s in Black Swan — so it seems only natural that she’d flip the coin and turn up at the SAGs in bridal white. Maybe she finally watched the movie and was like, “Oh, Black Swan is TRIPPING,” or maybe she wants this to symbolize her lifetime┬áre-commitment┬áto the industry and doing the kind of great work we all remember from… well, from before Mr. Deeds. Unfortunately for her, The Dilemma is already out there. We know about it, Wino. But if you really will use this dress to marry better scripts in the future, we will pretend it never happened. No real dilemma there.

However, despite the Someone Just Shot Bambi In My Peripheral Vision fear in her eyes, can we just note how gorgeous Wino’s face is, still, after all these years? Lordy.

Would you marry this?

  • Yes, it's delicious! (16%, 1,663 Votes)
  • I would marry HER, but... (16%, 1,644 Votes)
  • I would marry it in a color. (24%, 2,391 Votes)
  • I would sleep with it occasionally, maybe, if I got drunk. (43%, 4,382 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,080

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