Jennifer Lawrence is great in Winter’s Bone, and I am honestly thrilled to see some awesome but lesser-known actresses actually getting awards love. It gets boring when it’s all Renee-Nicole-Hilary-Kate Winslet all the time, in, like, a never-ending cycle of movies about Nazis. I am also obsessed with how sometimes she looks like Hayden Panettierre and sometimes she looks like a young Lisa Kudrow:

I also am somewhat amused by how no one told her she didn’t have to do this just to show us the slit in her skirt — she did it on the red carpet with Giuliana, too! She was all, “It has a SLIT!” And then she stuck her leg out. I love her for that. It’s so….natural. I mean, it looks highly unnatural in photos, but it’s so unstudied in a weird way for someone to think, “I love the slit on this dress. I’m just gonna keep STICKING MY LEG OUT so everyone sees it!” It makes her look like she hasn’t had too much media training, and there’s something refreshing about that nowadays. That being said, you look crazy if you keep sticking your leg out all the time, and I think, Jennifer, that you’ll be happier in the future if you just keep your legs where they land most of the time.

About the dress: I love the color, a lot, and….yeah, I’m distracted by the leg slit, but I think I’m going to come down on the fab side. I also liked what she wore to the DGA awards, which, from what I understand, may actually still be going on:

I don’t like those shoes with it, really — wouldn’t this look better with something metallic? — but she’s so lovely that I really think she almost looks best without a lot of HOO-HA: bows, and straps and ruffles. This is refreshingly simple — maybe a bit boring — but also, I think, a hit.


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