A lot of people really dug this:

Me, I keep wondering if she left her feet in the 1970s when she zapped back in her DeLorean to get this jazzy jumpsuit that she thought would be super keen for the SAGs. Or maybe Michael J. Fox went back to get it for her, and interfered with something in her past, and until he fixes it she will slowly disappear before our eyes.

I’m putting it to a vote because enough people thought it was groovy that maybe I’m missing something, and you can all tell me what it is. Aside from her lowest extremity.


  • It shouldn't work. BUT IT DOES. I KNOW. (56%, 9,228 Votes)
  • It shouldn't work, and indeed, it doesn't. (31%, 5,060 Votes)
  • It SHOULD work, always. I love it. (6%, 987 Votes)
  • I will answer after I cure my raging Saturday Night Fever. (7%, 1,111 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,386

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