Dianna Agron is very pretty:

I wasn’t sure about her eye makeup in Sunday — I thought it perhaps made her look tired — but I’ve decided that I appreciate the drama of what she’s going for with the smoky thing here.

In case you’ve been wondering if Glee is getting enough love, this is Chanel Haute Couture. I can’t imagine that, three years ago, Dianna Agron would have anticipated that she’d be wearing the handiwork of Kaiser Karl.  As I said in our red-carpet live-blog, I kind of dig how demure this is — it fits with her overall personality, or at least the way she acts in public. And I love the tea-length…IN THEORY.  In practice, I’m a little less convinced. But, if you put a gun to my head — which would be ridiculous, because we’re just talking about outfits — I’d argue that this is a win. What do you think?