Oh honey. I didn’t want to see this happen to you.

You can’t really tell from this picture — and I couldn’t find a good shot of it — but on camera, you could COMPLETELY see poor Jenna Ushkowitz’s navel in this dress. Which…listen. If we can see your belly button through your gown, it is too small, or poorly lined, or both, and someone fell down on the job. I do like Jenna’s jewelry, and I actually think the color of this dress is very pretty on her — it, magically, doesn’t wash her out — but…DUDE. BELLY BUTTON. THROUGH DRESS. NOT OKAY. FIRE SOMEONE. That’s what Lea Michele would do.

This, I think is better, although the lace sleeves feel a little mumsy? She’s so cute — and I love her shiny, shiny hair — but I’m beginning to think that someone needs to take this girl under her wing and just make sure that her proverbial fashion i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Because she’s gettings SO CLOSE. Maybe Amber Riley can do it? She almost always looks great. Maybe you guys can talk about that this morning on set.