I know you guys are probably sick of me harping on about wearing colors, but when you are of Amy Adams’ coloring — as I am myself — I feel like wearing white is almost always a huge mistake. It drives me nuts. If you have gone to the trouble of preserving your lovely natural fair skin, then why are you working against it?

She has also, I assume, worked to preserve her lovely natural ribcage, and this dress is working against that. What a shame. I would maybe understand her trying to rationalize wearing this too-tight dress if it were super-fabulous and unmissable, but it’s really not. It’s just another white shift with a halter neck that’s probably going to leave a chafing mark behind when she unhooks it. Not worth the risk. It was even unflattering in motion:

If wrangling your dress requires looking like your ladyparts are wearing a fabric ponytail, I’m pretty sure it’s not worth it.