Trust me, you also want to see the rest of the shots from this feature. They are really lovely. The associated interview is good as well; she has lived through a lot, and is an interesting and thoughtful person. This section from the interview seems particularly relevant to our interests:

“Karla [Welch] does all that for me,” she says of her stylist as we traipse down Magazine Street. “She generated all these amazing relationships with people she admires. And I’ve been introduced to a lot of…” She sighs inscrutably before uttering the next word: “designers.” Irene Neuwirth made the ring, headpiece, and earrings Negga wore to the Oscars. “They’re ethically sourced. I never liked the idea that someone would lose a limb just to make you look pretty.”

Neuwirth later tells me, “I very rarely want to gift things, but I made that ring specifically for Ruth. To me that ring is a mix of something that is really strong, and old, and feminine, and not over-designed, which is all that Ruth embodies.” … Why do people in the fashion world get so excited about Negga on the red carpet? I ask Neuwirth. “People play it safe,” she says. “It can go wrong very easily. As soon as she walked down the carpet [at the Oscars] my phone blew up with e-mails. People were going crazy. She looked powerful and strong. She took a look that wouldn’t be comfortable for a lot of people and just owned it.”

It really CAN go wrong very easily. It certainly didn’t here.

[All photos: Victor Demarchelier]