Tyra Banks would note that Ruth has lost her neck in this photo — and I find her navel sort of distracting, hanging out there at the bottom of the cover — but let’s get real: She looks great. I’m not looking at her neck OR her navel, because she has so much expression in her eyes and her FACE looks fantastic. (Bonus points for that fab lipstick and her groovy ear-cuff. And her eyebrows. Those are some great brows. So….basically what I’m saying is that her whole head looks amazing.)

And I must give a round of applause for this dress:

IT IS INSANE and I enjoy it. If there were a special cross-over episode of Bewitched and Rosemary’s Baby, Endora and Ruth Gordon would show up at the Annual Coven Formal wearing this exact same caftan, and hilarity would ensue. 100% would watch.

[Photos: Mario Testino for Vogue, Fame/Flynet]