ALERT: This week’s post has much Wills and Kate, as they had an outing today in which she wore pants (from the Gap) that I love. It’s a Labor Day miracle!

In case you missed it earlier this week, Wills & Kate had an outing at which they got hammered and eyeballed surfers (er, that’s sort of a very liberal interpretation of what actually happened).

And elsewhere:

– Wills and Kate are in the Isles of Scilly today (as you saw in the slideshow) and The Telegraph wrote an Informative Piece about it as a vacation destination. It looks very pretty. I sincerely wish I were there right now.

– Meanwhile, Prince Harry is still in Malawi– he MUST be getting back soon; duty calls, young prince — where he rescued an injured crocodile, per The Sun. No big deal!!!!

– This is entertaining, from Patricia Treble at Maclean’s: William and Kate are stars, but Charles and Camilla are sneakily proving to be the charmingly zany members of the royal family.

Visit Britain has a good round-up of a variety of fashion brands that have the Queen’s Warrant, which I always find interesting. Also, if you want one of her cute, clear umbrellas, now you know where to get one!

– You’ll probably be interested in this: The true story behind the Downton Abbey tiara. [The Jewellery Editor]

– Princess Anne is in Russia at the moment and pictures are scarce for me, which I assume is because she’s there on SERIOUS CRIME-FIGHTING BUSINESS. You can see a lot of snaps on the UK in Russia Twitter account, though, like this one:

– I LOVE this coat on Crown Princess Mary:

And, next, further looks from Queen Rania this week, both of which I think are pretty darn fabtastic: