I am pleased to inform you that this post has A LOT of Prince Harry — in uniform! In a suit! Wearing a backpack! With children! Near sheep! (There are also other people.)

If you missed it, Wills and Kate and Harry went to the rugby this past weekend, and there was A LOT of canoodling and sportsfaces, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which you SHOULD BE.


– Wills is still out flying his helicopter for the Air Ambulance folks. (BBC)

– Harry SWEARS he’s not ready to settle down yet. (Vanity Fair)

– Also, you probably want to watch him photobomb this dude:

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia have moved into their palace, which seems VERY close to the street. What about gawkers?! (Hello!)

– Speaking of, she wore a very cute coat this week. (Royalista)

– Speaking of THAT, I particularly enjoyed What Kate Wore’s look at the new McQueens for this fall (scroll down.)

– This is a fascinating piece about Queen Marie of Romania’s sapphire at The Court Jeweller.

– Over at People, QE2 gives a pony a Polo mint. (Say that five times fast.)

– Max and Wax also met the Obamas, and Michelle’s dress IS SO GOOD:

– And Crown Princess Mary was ALSO in New York this week: