Not a huge slideshow this time, probably because we already covered so many royal shenanigans earlier this week. To wit:

Kate went out and met nurses and doctors and midwives.

Kate also opened an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.

And Wills and Kate and Harry and Meghan had their first official engagement as a foursome.

Other points of interest:

Meghan and Harry have released more wedding details — namely, that they’re going to let a variety of British folks inside the walls of the castle to get a real look at the shenanigans, while the rest of us are left outside wondering if we need to scale the wall. [Kensington Palace]

Mel B claims the Spice Girls are reuniting to play Meghan and Harry’s reception, which is AMAZING and makes me think that Victoria Beckham did NOT get the nod for the wedding gown. Or she did, and that’s the only reason she’s agreeing to do this. [HuffPo]

Per Hello, Beatrice may have a new beau.

At Town and Country: A dossier on Meghan’s new assistant, Amy Pickerell.

I missed this coverage of Princess Estelle’s 6th birthday when it happened! She is a treat. [People]

And, on social:

That’s a good trench!

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