LOTS to cover this week! Harry and Wills and Kate all had outings, Princess Beatrice left the house, CPM and CPF were hanging out with Maxima and W-A, with MANY HATS and TIARAS,  after which W-A and Maxima popped over to Germany to wear wacky glasses, and Chaz and Cammy are here in the United States. We made Charles bowl.

Here on GFY this week, we brought you the following:

ALSO! We added a new event in our book tour (it’s not REALLY a tour since it’s not going too many places; we wish we could come out and meet you all, but it’s all dependent on where our publisher would like to send us, basically). We will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, on SUNDAY, April 19th, at 1:30pm. Our panel is called Fiction: Famous By Association, with a signing to follow It’s moderated by Heather Havrilesky, and the other panelists are Christopher Noxon and Shanna Mahin. (Tickets are required for this event, and we will post a link when they’re available; they’re only $1.)  You can always get more info on our events on our Events and Signing page here. (We’re also coming to NYC on April 7th, and DC on April 9th. Please come out and say hi!)

We’re also delighted to note that The Royal We was named to the 2015 Library Reads list for April (they kindly used the words “delightful,” “pure fun,” and “perfect,” for which we are very grateful) and that we were lucky enough to get a starred review from Library Journal, who said we “hit all the right notes in this funny, smart, emotional tale.” Librarians, we love you now more than ever, and we already loved you quite a lot.  The book comes out April 7th, as you SURELY know by now, and of course you can always pre-order.

ENOUGH of that, and thank you for your patience as I bang on about the book. Let’s go somewhere else now: