LET’S DO THIS. (In case you missed it, there was a Melange Of Hats from the British royals yesterday that you’re definitely going to want to see.)

Elsewhere around the internet:

Lainey has a very interesting and juicy take on Meghan and Harry’s recent jaunt to Jamaica

Speaking of Meghan, she has a great op-ed in Time this week about the stigmatization of menstrual health.

Town & Country rounds up a variety of photos of QE2 riding her horses. She’s still doing it, at 90, bless her.

At The Star, nutrition experts weigh in on the Queen’s diet. She has a pre-lunch gin!

Royal Central reports that Kate’s PA, Rebecca Deacon, is stepping down after her wedding this month. One of you should apply to replace her!

In fact, there are a LOT of staff shake-ups at the Palace right now, as our friend Simon Perry at People reports. It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out.

And, in the category of Other Photos You Might Want To See That Aren’t In The Slideshow For Logistical Reasons That Are Boring:

CP Victoria is back at work, and looking great. I love her bag:

Maxima is doubtful about this selection of salads:

Whereas I am personally doubtful about this ensemble, in that she’s dressed like a string bean:

I NEED to know what Agent Scully is saying to Camilla:

And, on social media, lots of people visiting lots of things and hosting lots of other people: