No one told me Maxima was going to be there! (In fairness, someone probably did and I just didn’t absorb it.) It is the 70th anniversary of the British liberation of the Netherlands, so she and King W-A popped by to mark the occasion (of which The Telegraph had excellent coverage). As ever, and rightly, we don’t have a complete shot of anyone’s outfit, but Kate’s coat is Alexander McQueen (which is good news for those of us [me] who have been longing for some McQueen action), and goodness knows I always enjoy an event that involves uniforms, and William looking solemn in a hat.

(And, in case you missed yesterday’s event — Kate is in one of D&G’s Sexy Italian Widow outfits, except not that sexy; Wills is wearing his glasses; Princess Michael of Kent is wearing ALL THE HAIR — you can eyeball those shenanigans here.)

[Photos: Getty]