In case you missed it, yesterday I picked some outfits for Kate from the recent runways, and the comments on that post got heavily into the current PR Dramz that’s happening at Kensington Palace; check it out for many thoughts on that from me and Fug Nation. My prediction, in light of all that, was that she was going to pop up in Scotland with, like, a mullet to draw focus. That SADLY did not happen. She did, however, pin the bangs back and bounce around for a tennis lesson with Andy Murray’s mother (for a tennis-focused charity; she didn’t just pop in at the Murray house in Edinburgh as a surprise, like Ed McMahon wielding a giant check) and do art with children and basically looked totally charming. Listen, IT’S A SKILL.

Also, she’s finally mastering the royal family’s knack of levitating sporting equipment:

[Photos: Getty]