First of all: There is literally no way that these two going public — they’ve now been out together twice this week, at official events, including one at which Harry was making a speech, so make no mistake, it’s on — doesn’t have something to do with an attempt to distract the public from the fact that Wills and Kate are in a bit of a PR nightmare due to their current ill-timed vacay. Someone called Harry — maybe William, honestly — and told him that it’d be great if The Spare and Cressida could take the heat off Kate and The Heir. Heather’s theory — which we all discussed in Friday’s Royals Round-up, and with which I agree — is that something is up with the Cambridges right now. As a not-at-all-well-placed outsider foreigner yahoo, I would not say I am concerned, but I do think something is afoot, and I think that any plans to slowly introduce Cressida have kind of been thrown out the window in an attempt to shore up popularity for The Firm. Now, I personally don’t find Cressida particularly likeable but I have literally no real reason for this other than the fact that she often looks bored — she might have Resting Bored Face — and obviously I strongly reject any grown woman who would actually wear a scrunchy for anything other than the gym or during her facial ablutions. Anyway, pour yourself some more coffee and let’s gossip.

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