I have questions:

  1. Why?
  3. That’s just a band of fabric. You know that, right? Just a superfluous little band around her waist? For no reason? It’s not a belt, this isn’t A BELT, this isn’t how BELTS WORK. If you’re under the impression that this is a belt, IT’S NOT.
  4. How can I get my hair to do that? Thanks.
  5. Just circling back to confirm that we’re clear on the beltiness or lack thereof of this situation.
  6. Why do British magazines love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley so much? Related: Does she always have the same expression, or is this just the expression I always imagine on her?
  7. If I always imagine this expression on her face, then isn’t it possible that it doesn’t matter if this is the only expression that ever is on her face, or not?
  8. Can we ever truly know what a person’s face really looks like? Isn’t everyone’s face filtered through our own personal prejudices, experiences, and bifocals? Including our own?
  9. In fact, pursuant to (8), what even is knowing?
  10. Where did I put my keys?