Rihanna is just very cool and beautiful, and these covers are eye-catching and good and very memorable. British Vogue is really firing on all cylinders lately. It’s fun to watch.

It helps that Rihanna is, obviously, so stunning:

UK Vogue May 2020 - Rihanna by Steven Klein 2-1585703238

This was what Edward Enninful wrote about these covers on his Instagram:

The May 2020 issue of @BritishVogue was created prior to the pandemic which has subsequently brought the world almost to a halt. But, as the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine that prides itself on entertaining, delighting and distracting even under the most difficult of circumstances, I am thrilled to announce the inimitable @BadGalRiri as our May 2020 cover star. Rihanna is a woman I am lucky enough to count among my closest creative collaborators. And did I ever imagine that I would see a durag on the cover of Vogue? No, reader, I did not. Although this potent symbol of black life – of self-preservation, resistance and authenticity – has an important place in popular culture, it is rarely viewed through the prism of high fashion. Yet, here we have the most fabulous, aspirational and beautiful durag, worn by a woman who is breaking every boundary she comes up against. How exciting.

And, unusually, Vogue also has the entire interview up (perhaps because people won’t be popping out to the newsstand much this month). It’s very wide-ranging, and definitely worth a read.