Hallelujah! It has happened! Glamour has stopped scrawling like a hipster serial killer all over its own covers. If we came out the other end of that minor national nightmare, maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come. Anyway, the snuggly cover — three women being shoved together to fit a small space — is perfectly fine, but there’s something amusing to me about how Elle Fanning looks THRILLED about this entire thing, and Aja Naomi King looks like she’s smiling through gritted teeth, and Camila Cabello is just like, “Whatever, I hate my teeth.” (I’m not making that up; she says it in the article.) The effect is that Elle photobombed them and/or jumped in and wrangled them into a selfie they didn’t want. But I like that none of them are excessively painted nor sexualized nor shoved into insane outfits (at least, not visibly here). They’re just three lovely ladies looking naturally great.

The story deals with each of them separately. The lede tries to explain the choice of all three of them by somehow connecting their stories: Camila’s quest for representation, Aja’s struggles with prejudice about her skin tone, and Elle grappling with… feeling like she should straighten her hair for her first day at public school in fourth grade. Which… okay. That one is the button on the list, too, which you’d expect to be the more dramatic of the three. Look, Elle can’t help her life experiences, although she’s been working in Hollywood since she was three, so she’s clearly had plenty of them. And she tells that anecdote charmingly and puts a nice point on it. But in the lede, it’s a very thin stretch; one of these things isn’t quite like the others. And also, she still totally straightens her hair.

Speaking of the stories, here’s a piece from Elle’s:

GLAMOUR: Did you ever feel sexualized at too young an age?
EF: No, I always had really good people around me, making sure that didn’t happen. They were sometimes overprotective. But I did have my first kiss onscreen, for the film Ginger & Rosa. I was 13 and trying to hide that it was my first kiss. But the director knew. So they pulled out this giant binder of guys from casting, and I had to pick one. It was one scene, his name was Max. And I picked him.

A binder full of dudes! Love it.

Here’s Aja Naomi King:

GLAMOUR: When you came into the public eye, did you have your look all worked out?
ANK: Oh, no, no, no! I just thought I looked fine. That’s where Gabrielle Union, one of the kindest women I ever met in this industry, sat me down and said, “Let’s talk about your stylist, your makeup, your hair. What are you wearing on the red carpet? You’re a gorgeous girl. How are you making an impact?” It was extremely useful because you don’t know this stuff.

And here’s Camila:

GLAMOUR: Any beauty regrets?
CC: The one time I wore red lipstick. I don’t like strong lips. Just strong women.

GASP. Hang on, Jessica and I need to faint dead away into each other’s arms.

[Photo: Glamour]

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