Have I totally lost the plot, or is Kelly Bensimon walking down the street wearing her bath mat?

Kelly Bensimon Out In New York City (NO GERMANY, NO FRANCE, NO OZ/NZ)

I’m serious. And this is honestly not even that surprising. Having watched many an episode of every Real Housewife franchise — because I have no shame — I can truthfully testify that Kelly Bensimon DOES seem to be the sort of person who might look down at her bathroom floor and think, “THIS. I’m going to wear THIS.” I mean, she also jogs down 5th Avenue. THE STREET SECTION. NOT THE SIDEWALK. Wearing a bath mat probably seems neither bizarre nor questionable to the mind who doesn’t see anything weird about forcing traffic to follow her at low speeds while she trots through the streets of New York. We should probably be glad it isn’t her shower curtain.