My reaction to this when I saw the thumbnail was, “Hmm. Not sure I’d have worn white knee-high boots with that.”

seven punds premiere 2 171208

[Photo: WENN]

My reaction now that I see it up close, and I understand that they are not boots, is something like, “Holyf**kingsfvkjaerhaghuiqagehT ./asd/atlk.df,.afkfasddashkl.”

In case you don’t speak fluent Forehead Smacking Keyboard In Abject Agitation, that translates roughly to, “Gee, dingy booties that look like she bought them on eBay from a 1970s-era Dallas Cowboys cheerleader are a very unorthodox choice indeed, especially when you add the double whammy of white knee-socks AND legwarmers. What an unusual person.” Forehead Smacking Keyboard in Abject Agitation is a very efficient, expressive language.