I’m sure Claire Merry thought it was really clever to show up to the Star Trek premiere dressed like a potential future super-villain — or a new genre of love interest, like the Bond Girl of the new franchise. And I guess it worked on some level, because she’s all over the Web this morning.

UK Film Premiere: Star Trek - Outside Arrivals

But then again, it also looks like she just didn’t realize they already MADE the movie and don’t need her unique services. All may not be lost, though — Merry could make her mark in one of those Designer Imposter mock-off films, like Star Hike or Space Junket, where Captain Tirk and his compadres on the Spacecruiser Entrepreneur — you know, the famously square-eared Dr. Block, and the Irish technician Blarney — fight for the purity of the galaxy against enemies like the Stick-Ems and the Morg.

Sure, the actual parody Galaxy Quest did it best, but it used actual good actors so there’s plenty of room for one shot on, like, a jiggly hand-held camera and released direct to video — yes, not even to DVD. They might even have a craft-service table on-set, although it would probably be more like Kraft Service, filled with nothing but a place of individually wrapped cheese squares. So keep aiming high, Claire! You could still live the dream!