Something about the way Emily Meade carries herself here suggests to me that she wants me to stare at her from a distance, squeal, “IT’S LEIGHTON MEESTER,” and then ask for her autograph. 

The Cinema Society & 2(x)ist Screening Of
And congrats to her — for a second, seeing as she’s attending the premiere of a Chace Crawford movie (in which she stars), I did in fact see the thumbnail and wonder, “Is Blair Waldorf wearing one of Blanche Devereaux’s best Courting A Mustachiod Gentleman With Dangerously High-Waisted Slacks blouses?”
But then Emily ruined the illusion:

The Cinema Society & 2(x)ist Screening Of

I’ve seen less awkward stances during a “DO YOU WANT TO SEE HOW I GO POTTY?” demonstration from as unsubtle four-year old. Lesson number one, apparently, is, “Do not stand as though the world is your toilet and your skirt is on the rise.” La Meester would never.
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