Welcome to Cipes.


Cipes is apparently a “spiritual surfer” of some sort. He’s out on the town because he’s part of the cast of TwentyFourSeven, a reality-based version of Entourage that MTV is giving us for Christmas. It’s worth noting that the starring gang, in almost every photo from the premiere party, poses together either with rampant finger-guns, peace signs, or those ultra-hip upside-down peace signs — the latter two usually accompanied by that special brand of man-hugging wherein arms are slung around necks, or some embracing that is half-hug, half-chest punch. It’s sort of gloriously terrible.

But, back to our boy: Cipes’ biggest problem will not be getting hit by a stray finger-gun bullet. No, the greatest threat to his budding career as a hanger-on will be lawsuits filed by Giovanni Ribisi and his people, all seeking compensation for the mistaken-identity disasters that will surely lead to well-intentioned sightings e-mailed to Defamer and Gawker that say: “Just saw Giovanni Ribisi waiting for his car at the valet; he appeared to be wearing old pajama pants and slippers with some sort of tunic under his coat. So sad to see that he’s so completely lost his mind that he no longer bothers to get dressed; guess those Friends residuals can’t buy a guy some real pants.”

Be warned, Cipes.

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