It just felt weird to kick off today like yesterday wasn’t a brutally sad loss. Robin Williams was somehow eternal to me;  he was a force that always was and simply always would be, even if he wasn’t in front of me. Maybe in a way that will hold true. There’s such agony in the fact that a person’s delivery of joy to everyone else can be so inversely proportionate to what they find in themselves. I hope that through whatever murk haunted him, he did have days where he saw in the moment how much people basked in his glow — that he, figuratively and literally, was able to turn his face just a bit to the right.

Vulture compiled some wonderful clips of Robin Williams’ memorable moments, including his Oscars acceptance speech and a Mork and Mindy blooper reel. They did not have a clip of the end of Dead Poets Society, which I will link to here as my conclusion. I hope nobody yanks it today (several have already disappeared), because it’s a fitting goodbye. O Captain, my Captain, indeed.

[Photo: Getty]