First of all, I want to note that I really like what Laura Brown and her team have done with InStyle since she came on board. I used to be an InStyle mega-fan — I subscribed since issue one, and it and Lucky were by far my two favorite glossy magazines. I think both of them, in the early aughts, had the kind of vibe that has today been widely commandeered by the most successful personal style blogs/influencer accounts — a friendly, chatty tone, paired with a focus on shoes and accessories, and clothing that felt more attainable than what we’d see in Vogue. Eventually, of course, Lucky lost its captain and kinda veered off into the rocks and now no longer exists, and I stopped reading InStyle because it began to feel repetitive, and I think their price points crept up to where it no longer felt useful to me. But now! It’s back to where I want it to be — namely, the absolute best glossy magazine to bring on the plane or to the pool. (That is high praise from me because those are the two places where I really settle in and luxuriate in my magazine reading. That’s where you read the magazine you consider a treat. Another great Plane Magazine is Vanity Fair, because it always has a juicy story about a rich person murdering someone on a yacht. And when I’m coming home from the UK, I always buy a copy of Heat because they will definitely have some really rude but also compelling story about bad plastic surgery accidents that happened to a British reality TV star I’d never heard of. Plane Magazines are the MOST ENJOYABLE of the magazines.)

As far as this cover goes, I think it’s really eye-catching and it definitely feels like summer. I wonder if her face looks a little sad, or melancholy? But I really enjoyed Priyanka’s take on it, from her Instagram:

The article is great and gets a lot more into this sentiment — Priyanka talks about Indian fashion, what she’s got on her plate right now (the short answer is a lot, I was seriously impressed), the Indian version of Crazy Rich Asians that she and Mindy Kaling want to do (which sounds fun), her career path, and her marriage. It’s a very dense interview — dense like a smart book or a good cake, not dense as in clueless — and I think it’s worth a squizz.

[Photo: Robbie Fimmano]