I appreciate that this entire cover is basically HELLO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I WAS QUITE FOXY. (Which anyone who’s read our Princess Anne retrospective already knew.) The interview is with Vanity Fair’s main royals correspondent, Kate Nicholl, and it feels like rather a get. (The last big sit-down with a royal — Meghan’s coming out interview prior to her and Harry getting engaged — was by Sam Kashner, who writes for VF ALL the time, but not generally on the royalty beat. He also co-wrote one of my very favorite books, Furious Love, about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.) 

The piece itself is quite logistically interesting but yet not particularly juicy IN THE LEAST — Anne strikes me as very composed and certainly not, at this late date, someone who will let it rip to a royals reporter. She comes across, as you’d imagine, very very sensible. Example, about her clothing:

The princess is more self-deprecating, claiming she recycles “because I’m quite mean. I still try and buy materials and have them made up because I just think that’s more fun. It also helps to support those who still manufacture in this country. We mustn’t forget we’ve got those skills, and there are still places that do a fantastic job.”

As president of the U.K. Fashion and Textile Association, she likes to fly the flag for British designers. “I very seldom buy anything which isn’t made in the U.K.,” she says, admitting a weakness for Harris Tweed. “It went through a phase when it was very fashionable. For me the point about it is that it looks exactly the same at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. Brilliant.”

She’s basically just…TREMENDOUSLY no-nonsense throughout. It’s soothing. Can we just have ONLY sensible, no-nonsense people talk for a while? That’d be great.