Last year (I think?), we had an entire impromptu discussion predicting who would be on the cover of Vogue in the next year. It was fun. But I thought it would be MORE fun if we took a look back at last year’s covers (and this January’s), and then officially predicted who we thought would land them in 2013.  Then, at the end of 2013, we can take a look back and officially see how we did. Things to bear in mind as you make your predictions: who has a movie coming out, the fact that there’s going to be a terrible “Shape” issue (so that cover might be an outlier), and the people Anna can not resist. For example, I feel like Carey Mulligan is totally getting a cover tied into the Great Gatsby premiere in May. So, let’s take a look at Vogue’s cover fugs and fabs of 2012, and then hit the comments to make your predictions.

My own predictions? In no particular order: GWEN STEFANI (a gimmee, since hers is out already); the aforementioned Mulligan;  Jennifer Lawrence; Chastain (she feels due for one);  either Michelle Williams or Rachel Weisz in PR for The Great and Powerful Oz; Amy Adams for Man of Steel; they’re going to toss one to Claire Danes when Homeland comes back and be all, “new baby! hit show!”; Beyonce (she has an album coming out, and is also Beyonce); Emma Watson; Naomi Watts (no way is Anna going to be able to resist talking about Diana); Kate Winslet, who also has a movie coming out (Labor Day, which sounds like the newest Gary Marshall 100-Celebs-in-a-Holiday-Movie disaster, but which is allegedly a drama); Gaga again (just because0; and, finally…..this is hard. I’m going to close out with Kiki Dunst, which is very unlikely, but I love her so….let’s just see what happens.

What do you think?