Some days I feel so indecisive.


I just can’t come to a final opinion on this dress, so maybe I’ll make a good old-fashioned Pro/Con list.

PRO: It fits her.

CON: People are going to think that mark on her left boob is a majorly misplaced nipple.

PRO: It probably isn’t a majorly misplaced nipple.

CON: Is it?

PRO: No. It can’t be.

CON: Whatever you say.

PRO: Stop it! No one has nipples in their armpits.

CON: Sure, fine.

PRO: Snap out of it. Hey, she has nice shoulders.

CON: But look how skinny that thing makes her sternum look. I could play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on that sucker.

PRO: Oh, you are so crabby. She’s always been thin and she looks way healthier now than she did on some seasons of Will and Grace.

CON: True, and her hair does look sort of great.

PRO: HEY. BACK OFF. You are stealing my positivity.

CON: Fine, fine…. okay, here’s one: I am not wild about all that tulle.

PRO: At least the silhouette is interesting, though! And I mean, she’s looked way worse before. Remember this old thing?

CON: Dude, I could never forget. And this one was even worse! The MAKEUP!

PRO: I think I just wooed you onto my side.

CON: I hate it when we agree.