Pop quiz: You have tickets to Broadway’s opening performance of Naked Daniel Radcliffe. You probably shouldn’t be so excited, because there are horses involved, but you can’t help it because little Harry Potter is all grown up now and he’s pretty damn cute, and it’s all legal, so everyone should just CHILL and enjoy the fine, fine acting.

Would you:

a) Try and look as cute as possible, because a night out on the town is worth some hot shoes;

b) Brush your hair and put on some mascara; or

c) Dress up like an ER nurse who, on her way to her night job at the soup kitchen, got cornered at one of those old-timey photo booths where they put a costume on you and then snap your picture in sepia-tones.


[Photo: WENN]

Well, I guess they do say that when in doubt, pick c.