It’s nice to see Katerina Graham — first featured on Friday with this fug buffet, but well on her way to a Fug Madness berth if she can manage to keep getting invited places — demonstrating such a keen sense of occasion.

The Bash benefit for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles hosted by Rumer Willis

[Photo: Splash News]

It’s so moving to see that, at a benefit for the L.A. children’s hospital, Katerina is honoring all the sick kids out there with a deeply sensitive strapless bra; a tender tank top that says “Dime Piece,” and features a melting lipstick and salivating tongue, lest we miss the point that she is super hot and bang-worthy; and one of those earring-necklaces that Rihanna wore the other week. It’s all just so sensitive. In fact, the most generous gift to the children of all is those leggings — with those, she can teach the infirmed wee ones to spell. You know, things like “WTF,” or “OMG,” or “This dime piece is crazy,” or, “Remind me to ask where she shops and then never go there.”