First of all, yes, People stopped calling this issue the “Most Beautiful” last year because something something yada not a competition blah blah we’re all whatever yada, and now it’s just THE BEAUTIFUL ISSUE, but let’s just be real for a second: We’re all still calling this “Most Beautiful.” Second, Heather and I always try to call who is going to get this cover — much as we do the Sexiest Man Alive — and we both privately predicted Meghan Markle, with the caveat that she almost surely wouldn’t do the interview, which might be a dealbreaker for our friends at People. (I’m quite certain she’s inside, though.) And here we are! We were wrong, but Jennifer Garner is a very safe and appropriate choice for Peopleher interview is brief but wholesome and likable, and Nice 47 Year Old Mom (Who Was Once Married to a Guy Who Was Probably a Handful) Looks Great And Is Doing Really Well is right smack dab in the People readership demographic. (Of which I am one! I like Jennifer Garner a lot!) The cover is, again, Extreme Wholesomeness, but I like the exclamation point, she’s worth every penny of that Neutrogena contract, and as usual, her hair is the brown I wish mine were. All around: I’ll allow it, and I’m glad J.Gar is happy.

Finally, if you want a refresher of ALL of People’s Most Beautiful covers, do BEHOLD:

Some of them are a hoot, MANY of them are Julia Roberts.

[Cover: People Magazine]
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