As you may have seen, People this week announced that they’re not naming one person “the most beautiful” anymore, because we’re all beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring us yada yada yada. It’s now just “The Beautiful Issue,” and I’d like to note that the more you type the word “beautiful,” the weirder it looks. It has so many “u”s in it. ANYWAY!

The interview is good — Pink seems like a good mom, and a cool person, and I’ve always liked her. She talks a lot about how she wants to raise her kids, and…you know, I just feel like if Pink were your next-door neighbor, you’d be in luck. She might be loud to live next door to, but she’d be fun to chat with over the fence and she’d throw a great 4th of July party, and if your dog got out, she would definitely go all out to help you find him. Her kids would be fun, but polite, and I feel like she’d always be bringing you over zucchini because her plant got out of control. I also laughed when I saw what she told Ellen her reaction was to being on this cover:

“I feel more beautiful and I’ve decided that for the whole week that the magazine is out no one is allowed to look me directly in my eyes.”

As far as the cover itself goes, it’s cute! I like that they didn’t photoshop her bottom row of teeth to be perfect — you know this was discussed — and I feel like it’s a pleasant surprise to see someone on a magazine cover who really does look like she’s experiencing a natural moment of real happiness (and, of course, her kids are adorable little noodlemuffins).  It’s also designed to be VERY appealing to the demographic People aims for, obviously — namely, busy ladies (moms or otherwise) who like cute earrings and who are secretly paying more attention to whatever’s going on with Khloe Kardashian than they’d otherwise admit. In short: Pink is great, this cover is cute, no one’s going to get all worked up about this the way we did about Blake Shelton being Sexiest Man Alive, well done People.

In case you’ve missed all of People’s Beautiful/Most Beautiful/Beautifulist/Most Beautifulist covers, by the way, of course you can see them all here. (Some of the old ones are very entertaining.)

Even more entertaining that some of the covers, though, are some of the OTHER stories in People Of Yore. One of the headlines is “SANJAYA TELLS ALL,” and one of the covers is laid out such that it briefly implies that Miley Cyrus is a serial killer. IT’S GREAT.

[Cover: People Magazine]
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