I have a confession to make:

I kind of like Khloe Kardashian. I didn’t MEAN to. It just HAPPENED one day. I feel like she’s secretly kind of funny and I like how she’s normal-sized and doesn’t seem to really care that she has to be photographed next to her teeny tiny sisters all the time which makes her look really Amazonian in comparison. I even sort of am pleased that she and Lamar are still married, which I don’t think anyone expected, and I don’t know I can’t help it I kind of find her sort of charming and unmannered and I think if we got stuck in an elevator together we’d end up having an amusing conversation and just so you know I’m not like IN FAVOR of the Kardashians as, like, A THING, but it’s happening and I am sort of glad I live in world where E! lets a girl call her brother-in-law a douche lord when he is acting like one.

Also, I think she looks pretty in this and the red hair is cute. THERE I SAID IT I GOT IT OUT NOW YOU KNOW MY SECRET SHAME.

Also, I like her purse:

I’ll just go ahead and show myself out now.