You guys know that I am not crazy about the mullet dress, but I have to admit, I find this extremely charming:

It’s all young and fun and cheery and unusual without veering down Attention Whore Boulevard into Crazyville. I might have liked it better just as mini-dress, sans train, but then it wouldn’t have been quite as special — honestly, I think she’s really pulling it off.

I have more doubts about Selena’s red carpet dress

In comparison to the other, this just sort of falls flat — it’s certainly totally FINE and she doesn’t look BAD, but it’s not nearly as special as the dress she changed into to perform and which she continued to wear for the rest of the show, and I kind of wish she’d just worn Patterned McCuteMullet the entire time. In comparison, this number feels a wee bit Poor Man’s Nina Dobrev Goes to Junior Prom (parenthetically: VAMPIRE DIARIES COME BACK TO ME WHY WHY MUST YOU KEEP ME WAITING SO LONG NINA PAUL IAN I LOVE YOU).

What do you think?

  • I love the first dress, but give the pink one a pass. (56%, 5,622 Votes)
  • I love the pink one, and don't care for the patterned one. (2%, 248 Votes)
  • I don't like either of them. (6%, 621 Votes)
  • I love them both! (28%, 2,843 Votes)
  • God, when IS new programming back on the CW? I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS MUCH LONGER. (7%, 703 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,038

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