I’m increasingly fascinated by how Leighton Meester makes her fashion choices. After a totally wackadoo year, she has — with the exception of that infamous Marchesa jumpsuit, which was like a fashion Hindenburg — veered much more strongly toward girly and fresh lately. It’s got to be part of a plan, right? One in which Gwynnie sat her down and said, “You are allowed one nutso statement every six months,” or something, as part of Leighton’s master plan to graduate from Gossip Girl and into major film roles, as opposed to being mentioned in conjunction with every major female role in the offing and yet actually given none of them (ahem, Boobs Legsly). That, or somebody at her show begged her to be as close to the anti-Taylor Momsen as possible. I’d believe either one.

Anyway, for the People’s Choice Awards, Leighton definitely chose to wear something that looks more like, well, what the people would choose.

No rogue ass cheeks, no spandex, nothing that looks like it was made during an acid trip in a meat locker. There’s a big part of me that doesn’t love how the hem is falling, and I’m not wild about how the  material looks from far away — like somebody tried to fancy up a sweatshirt. But it’s cute, right? And when you zoom in, you can tell it’s not just some American Apparel slipdress that married her mother’s needlepointing yarn:

There actually is some texture and iridescence there (although, seriously, I did once needlepoint a picture frame made of flowers that look almost exactly like these; I am staring at it right now, in fact, and it has a photo of me and my grandmother in it, and I miss her, and she was beautiful). But… is it too much makeup, or just the right winsome amount? Are the earrings a touch too much, or are they perfect? Is the asymmetry of the neckline okay, or just sloppy-looking? I thought the close-up would solve things for me, but in the end it just raised more questions. It’s kind of like watching Burn Notice: For about five minutes I have a handle on what’s happening, but the further I go with it, the more I realize that I have no idea and probably none of them actually do either, so we all just sort of go along with it and shrug and say, “Well, that happened,” and move along with our lives.

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